For the last ten years, I worked as a massage therapist and before that, many years stuck in I.T. (desktop support and server rooms).

After a couple decades in I.T., I decided to take a shot at working on my own.  I love sports and being active, so I thought something related to that field would be great.  When I was looking for work around 2007, I came out of an interview where I landed a second interview (later, they called me to come back in). When I walked to my car, I saw a sign for a massage therapy school.  I walked over, talked to the owner, and 10 days later I started my classes to become a full-time massage therapist.

Even though I enjoyed each career, both had their hardships and struggles.  One was many hours of work and little family time; the other was lots of physical work and in both cases wanted to get more out of my life.

The money was good, but I rarely had time for family, friends or even myself.

I decided that I didn’t want to live like this for the rest of my life, and that’s when I started looking for ways to transition out of my j-o-b and do something I had some skill in and work from home.

That’s when I came across online marketing and it has changed my thinking, outlook, and life.

My Online Business Empire or MOBE is an internet and marketing training program for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It was founded in 2008 by Matt Lloyd, an Australian born farmer and now an online business entrepreneur.

To get started with MOBE, you will begin by going through “My Top Tiers Business” (MTTB) System training.

The program starts with a $49 purchase of the system. It consists of the important 21-steps training program with concepts necessary for everyone who is preparing to gain and grow an online business.

MTTB explores into the missing links that make a difference between an online business that thrives and the ones that failed.

Some may go on to use the information on MOBE to market and promote their own products and brands or even to pursue and market business opportunities in the affiliate world.